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Black Sun Research Facility was founded in 1998 by Raven, Njan and Fang following the success of their C.A.I.R.A. project, to educate people in the field of the Internet, and more generally computer security. After the retirement of Raven in 2000, BSRF was later handed over in January of 2001 to Mikkkeee who with the aid of Digitalfallout, Cyberwolf and a whole new team kept the site alive. During the years, Black Sun Research Facility has helped thousands of people and has become a very popular security site. The tutorials Blacksun publishes have become so popular that some popular computer magazines have mentioned them. Feel free to enlighten yourself with our work!

The main feature of Black Sun Research Facility is tutorials. We have a huge number of tutorials and translations on various topics. They cover everything from phreaking to coding. Although the main area of BSRF tutorials is network security, we also have a Message Board, where you can post your questions (every legal question is answered), or you can subscribe to our Mailing List, and then you'll receive BSRF news and updates.

Jan. 25, 2002

Sad Day For BSRF

Today i received an email concerning a BSRF member who many of you know as SpiderMan. SpiderMan has been a friend to many of us and a staunch BSRF luvr. As you will read below bsrf is sad but will have to say goodbye to a close member of 2 years. Here is the email i received, we hope you enjoy the offline world bro!
<---ripped email from Mikkkeee's inbox---------->
>From: "SpiderMan "
>Subject: Flash: SpiderMan to leave BSRF
>Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2002
Hi guys, your old pal SpiderMan here. You've probably figured out from the title of this message what this e-mail is all about, but I'll say it one more time to clairfy. I'm leaving bsrf. I first joined back when Raven decided he didn't want to take care of the site anymore (you all probably remember the whole story). When Raven left the site became stagnant and most people said it was dead forever. Of course we all thought to ourselves "fuck that, the site may be stale right now, but it'll be back." For a while we thought that to ourselves and nothing happened. Then, each one of us began to realize that it's not going to come back unless we do something to bring it back. We all wanted to bring it back because we knew Raven or no Raven, the scene needed a bsrf. Now with over 500,000 hits not including the message board just this month, I can safely say that it is back and very much alive. I joined after being invited by Mike because there was a lot of energy at the time and I really thought I could make a difference. I think I've done what I came to do and with that being done I think it's best that I leave for somewhere/something else. A lot of the initial energy is gone, as well as my belief that I can make a significant impact. The site is well established and moving at a steady pace, and so I leave.
<---End of ripped email---------->
In other news BSRF did a link exchange with a site which introduced to you the bsrf wargame a while back, remember yeah you people remember, that BSD box none of you managed to 0wn. Enough of that is a new site that should be added to everyones bookmarks. They are composed of a few sites, which have merged to build real kick ass projects, like mod_antihak, secure tunnel, w00nix linux distro, glShip as well as, plenty of other hot stuff, especially a growing library and a great irc channel. Enough talk go see it to believe it, Enjoy!!!


Jan. 20, 2002

Took a while but we are finally back with some new releases. We start off with a hot tutorial by PHaRaoH on Windows 9x/Me Security and System Restrictions. This tutorial will explain as the title states learning more about securing Windows, as well as cracking the security restrictions, which is a topic people keep bugging us about. We also have for you a new translation of The Anonymity Tutorial by Masj Crasj. He did a good job translating it to Dutch so go visit his site and see other hot stuff he has released. In other news we have some hot wallpapers for you, damn seriously these kick ass, so go save them as your background. Enjoy!!!


Jan. 11, 2002

Well this update is going to be a quickie. We got for you guys a kickass wallpaper by Mab Ishte. I just don't know its something about it that makes it cool i guess the DC Comics look, yah thats it. Also tomorrow is the lecture it is going to be Da $hit, meaning if you can't make it too bad, your obviously going to miss out on a lot of stuff, bah the logs will be posted asap. laterz!!


Jan. 10, 2002

If you guys read the Public Meeting, you would have noticed that we were planning some fun stuff this year. If you have no idea what I am talking about smack yourself cause its lecture time. Yes, Mind Booster from is going to lecture on The Evolution Prespective of Computer Networks this Saturday on the 12th of January at 22 o'clock (10 PM) GMT (5pm EST) in our irc channel. Many of our visitors request information on Hacking, which is directly linked to network security. In order to gain more knowledge on this topic one has to learn the philosophy behind Networking and Computer Networks. This lecture will be the first and the most basic lecture in a series of upcoming lectures that will explain from the concept of network to security/hacking issues. In order to have a good understanding of this lecture, you should have a quick look over the Informatic Evolution Lecture, done for blacksun and Mind Booster Networks on December 2001, Enjoy!!!


Jan. 8, 2002

We have a small present for you wonderful visitors (sarcastic), we have added a new section to the books page, yup the Hacking Literature section. I began this section because people keep emailing me about these topics, so there you go now we have a page for them. The selection is a bit advanced. Hope you enjoy it, also if anyone wants to contribute to the selection please send me the links remember we don't host anythign so only links will do. Enjoy!!!


Jan. 6, 2002

As many of you guys know there was a PUBLIC team meeting. Normally we hold small meetings in another channel every week or so but this time we felt we should gather your input for some of our projects this year. There was a great turnout almost 60 people at one time. We did try to get everything done and still have time to answer some questions. The log of the meeting can be found here. In other news we started a link exchange with


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